The Programme Learning Outcomes of Two-Year D.El.Ed. Programme are in accordance with the syllabi prescribed by SCERT, Raipur Chhattisgarh.

On successful completion of the Two-Year D.El.Ed. programme, the pupil teacher will able to-

  1. Understand the concepts involved in the subjects, the methods of obtaining information and their structure,
  2. Prepare the learning experiences in such a way that learning the subject will be a meaningful activity for the children.
  3. Connect their subject knowledge with other subject areas.
  4. Understand how children develop and learn and how children can be given opportunities to learn that can help them in their intellectual, social and personal development.
  5. Understand the physical, social, emotional, moral and cognitive development that affects children’s ability to learn.
  6. Familiar with the process of development required and the extent of individual differences in physical, social, emotional, moral and cognitive areas.
  7. Understand the various instructional techniques to be used in the teaching learning process.
  8. Understand the principles of communication, language development and the role of language in learning.
  9. Understand formal and informal assessment methods.
  10. Attain harmonious development of their personality.