The committee addresses and settles the grievances of the students and faculty through sensible and satisfactory interactions and guidance. This committee provides a mechanism to address student-student, student-teacher, and teacher-teacher grievances (if any) and take measures to solve the problems faced by them. The committee encourages students to express their problems freely and frankly without any fear. The committee advises student of the college to respect the right and dignity of one another and show utmost restraint and patient whenever any occasion of rift arises.

Any student who has any issue related to the institution can approach to the coordinator of the committee and register their complaint orally as well as give written application. This issue will be solved within 7 days but any complain which is not under our control, which involves finances will be forwarded to management and will take time to resolve the issue. But some major academic and behavioral issues will be solved after organizing meeting and take decision regarding the complaint unanimously.


  1. To redress the students/faculties grievance in a best possible manner.
  2. To motivate the students/faculties to express their problems without any fear.
  3. To sensitize the students/faculties to respect their peers, teachers and every individual and resolve any issue with patient and wisdom.
  4. To ask staff to be affectionate and unbiased towards students and understandable towards students’ issue.
  5. To aware students about anti ragging and anti harassment zero tolerance policy that ragging and any kind of harassment is prohibited in the campus and if any student is found to be indulged in these activities, strict action will be taken against him/her.

Composition of Grievance Redressal Committee

For this a committee has been formed by the institution. In case of any problem, please contact Coordinators of this committee-

S. No.

Name of the Member




Dr. Arun Kumar Dubey




Mrs. Ranjana Thakur

Assistant Professor



Ms. Manisha Sahu

Assistant Professor



Mrs. Harvinder Kaur

Assistant Professor