In order to reduce unnecessary hassles of students and simplify the working system, all the information and services become available to the students in one place by the single window service in the college.

Students do not have to visit different places in the office to get all the services and information related to admission, uniform, submission of documents, submission of examination form, mark sheet, TC, scholarship related information etc. all these services and information are available in a single window.


The college has common rooms for both girls and boys, where they can sit and relax. The common room is equipped with electricity, fans, bathrooms, etc. The room is properly ventilated, well-lighted, neat and clean to provide a conducive environment.


Pure drinking water is an important resource for all. Drinking water is purified by modern treatment techniques using reverse osmosis in college. To purify drinking water, a huge commercial vessel RO machine has been installed which provides all students, faculty, staff members and visitors by cooling the water by dispensers installed on every floor.


High definition CCTV cameras have been installed at various points of the college campus to ensure the safety of students, their belongings, faculty, staff and college property. CCTV cameras control have been installed in the principal’s office for the monitoring.


A fire extinguisher is a fire protection system used to extinguish or control minor fires in an emergency. Fire extinguishers have been installed at various places in the college to avoid fire accidents.