There are three types of resource centres available in the college-


At present, Information Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of the education system. ICT used in the classroom is critical to providing effective learning opportunities to students. It has been observed that the application and acceptance of ICT undoubtedly enhances productivity and effectiveness in the current environment. To provide first hand experiences to their students the ICT resource centre of Columbia College is equipped with 30 computers, TV, OHP, Educational CD’s etc. The main focus of the institute is to provide latest technological orientation to its pupil teachers so that they can successfully adjust themselves in their job environments.


Art and Craft can be an extremely efficient medium for nurturing the creative talents of students. The college has well maintained Art and Craft resource centre with an objective to-

  • Provide adequate opportunities of exploration and exposure to art and craft experiences to the students.
  • Provide opportunities and training to student teachers for acquiring and enhancing necessary skills in different areas of Arts and Crafts as a prospective teacher and also as an individual.
  • Provide support in organizing festivals, fairs, exhibitions, shows etc.
  • Provide a platform to establish Arts and Crafts as mediums of education in relation to other school subjects.

Physical Education has been considered as an essential part of human life from times immemorial. Healthy living refers to making choices that enhance physical, mental, social and spiritual health. All students need a physically active and healthy lifestyle. The college has adequate equipment and material in its health and physical education resource centre with an aim to improve motor skills, body composition and metabolic health of the students.
List of sports material available in the resource center are-

  • Volleyballs
  • Football
  • Cricket Kit
  • Badminton
  • Tug of War Rope
  • Discus Throw Set
  • Table-Tennis
  • Shot Put
  • Carom Boards
  • Chess Board