Education is drawing out the best in man – mind, soul and spirit, it implies the development of the 3’H’s Head, Heart and Hand. The main function of education in to guard the social heritage and educational values for this the educators should carry out their ethical responsibilities. Therefore, Teacher Education courses should aim at training of the body, mind and spirit.

Keeping in view these factors, Columbia College aims at making our pupil teachers, competent and committed professionals, who are willing to perform their identified tasks. Our endeavour is not only to make them good teachers but to make them better individuals and citizens, thereby sharing the responsibilities of building strong pillars of the nation.


The vision of Columbia College is to provide ideal education to cultivate the overall development of the pupil teachers, which posses with potential knowledge and leadership qualities, so that they can explore their competencies to spread the wisdom all around the society.

  • To deliver futuristic professional education.
  • To promote the teacher education services to the community and for the wellbeing of the society.
  • To empower the pupil teachers with practical and theoretical knowledge of education,
  • To prepare conducive environment to nurture creativity, curiosity, self-confidence and scientific temperament of the pupil teachers.
  • To provide a safe and stimulating environment for the all-round development of the pupil teaches.
  • Be punctual and regular in every task.
  • Attend all classes daily and should maintain attendance at least 80% in theory and 90% in practical classes.
  • Always be disciplined and maintain decorum.
  • Maintain cleanliness in college.
  • Participation is required in every activity.
  • Don’t do any meeting or programme in college without permission.
  • Take care of college property.
  • The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the classroom.
  • College is ragging free zone, stay away from it.
  • Read the notice board carefully every day.
  • Responsible conduct and behaviour expected by the community.
  • Manage the dignity of your profession and personal affairs.
  • Maintain continuity of professional development through study and research.
  • Perform their duties in the form of teaching, tutorials, practical, seminars & research work with dedication.
  • Co-operate and assist in carrying out functions of college & university.
  • Modest behaviour with male & female students and other employees.
  • Refrain from availing leave except in unavoidable circumstances.
  • Try to maintain cordial contacts with management, principal & guardians.
  • Refrain from consuming any intoxicating drug.
  • Non-Teaching staff working in the College office should remain on duty during college hours.
  • Non-Teaching Staff assigned to Laboratories should keep the Labs clean.
  • Any Loss or damage to any article in the Lab or Class Room should be reported to the Principal or Teacher in-charge in writing immediately.
  • Non-teaching staff will carry out their duties as instructed by the authorities to whom they are attached.
  • Shall maintain a stock register for all the articles, equipment, chemicals, etc.
  • Time to time inform the Principal for latest requirements of the labs.
  • Shall maintain an issuing register for the issue and return of lab material.
  • Maintain all the logistics year wise for the college audit.
  • Ensure discipline of the students in the library.
  • Prepare and issue Library cards to students.
  • Follow-up return of books issued to students and staff members.
  • Submit list of requirements of books to the principal for further procurement.
  • Display new arrivals by photocopy of the cover page of the books and journals.
  • Compile back volumes of journals and periodicals and arrange for binding and Stacking.
  • Display of cuttings of newspapers on education/social matters on notice board.
  • All parents should understand their responsibilities and continue to contribute their best in college affairs to maintain a respectful and safe educational environment for students and staff.
  • Help your children understand how to try to maintain a safe and exquisite environment in college like a democratic society
  • Make sure that children only bring items that are appropriate to college and related to the instructional program.
  • Being aware of the rules and regulations of the institution also helps their children understand them. 
  • Convince their children to build good relationships with teachers, parents of other children, and with their friends.
  • Help their children to deal effectively with peer pressure.
  • Keep checking your children being dressed in a manner consistent with the dress code so that they keep following college rules and regulation.